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Heffner & Hefner

 A high energy partnership of jazz and incredible performing artists, Stan Heffner and Katt Hefner comprise Heffner  & Hefner.

About Us


Stan Heffner

Born in Ford City, Pennsylvania, STAN “The Man” HEFFNER is a self- taught musician. The dream of wanting to become a Hammond B3 organ player began at age 8 after hearing “Midnight Special” and “The Sermon” by Jimmy Smith. Being influenced by the sounds of Jimmy Smith and Jimmy McGriff, Stan started playing the B3 at age 16. Helping to form The Versatiles, a high school band of nine musicians including 3 siblings; one of which is one of Florida’s noted prominent Female Vocalists, Katt  Hefner, Stan’s music career began. His high energy playing was developed by watching live performances of Jimmy McGriff at the Crawford Grille and The Hollywood Club in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Having a Great Time

These talented performers gathered for a group shot before a recent engagement in Florida. 


Stan Heffner, Master musician

Heffner & Hefner are an amazing team! 

Stan Heffner in Action

Mack the Knife

Cheater, Bullfight

Live at James Street in Pittsburgh